High Definition
Bruce Ricker's work has been characterized by some as "superreal," in part due to an unusual level of fine detail.
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In consumer electronics the latest trend is toward high definition T.V. High definition is a move in the direction of higher quality—sharp and crisp with an inherently large pixel count.

At we are offering prints and uniglyphs that are often a full order of magnitude more detailed than the sharpest images available on HDTV. We call it Full Resolution Imagery. Full Resolution means a wider range of textures from creamy smooth to sandpaper gnarly. It means look closer and you’ll see more.

Bruce has always liked to paint in a very detailed style, but his preference has been Bruce Ricker Artwork to create relatively small originals. The state of the art being what it is, however, he is taking advantage of opportunities to add significantly to the detail in some images.

When Ricker finishes a painting it is done, but the detail and sharpness of the image can be refined by hand on a pen tablet so that subsequent prints can be produced at a significantly larger size than the original painting and still be very sharp. His original paintings are highly prized by collectors but he sometimes considers them as intermediate stages on the way toward the final prints and uniglyphs which are his primary art form.